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Cellulite is one of those grey areas in medicine that is not fully understood. Nevertheless, the histopathology, or what cellulite looks like under the microscope is clear. Cellulite is a triad of adipose or fat cells surrounded by dense fibrous tissue in which there may be little or abundant fluid. The ratio of these components varies from one person to another. This may account for the varied response to the different treatments that are currently available.

The current medical theory of how cellulite starts is blamed on faulty lymphatic drainage which adversely affects the body’s capacity to eliminate toxins and wastes.Tissue oxygenation and the ability to burn fat cells in the area are also compromised.

At Al Nour Clinic we offer different treatment modalities and medical technologies to address cellulite including lipodissolve injections, Mesotherapy, Low level laser and Triactive laser.The choice of treatment program depends on patient’s assessment.

Triactive is a single laser that combines three different actions simultaneously to sculpture the body in a non-invasive way:

  • Strong rhythmic massage that is specifically directed at stimulating lymphatic drainage thus reducing fluid retention and rapidly eliminating toxins and wastes.
  • A localised cooling system that further reduces fluid retention.
  • Six laser diodes that very effectively and improve lymphatic circulation.
    Treatments are painless and usually take half an hour each. One or two courses of treatment are usually needed.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, and varies significantly for each individual

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