Fat Dissolving Injections


History of fat dissolving injections

The first cosmetic use of fat dissolving injections  was in 1988 by an Italian physician Sergio Maggiori who reported successful use of the drug to clear fatty deposits under the skin (Xanthelasmas).

In 1995 a Brazilian dermatologist Patricia Rittes achieved very good success using the same drug to clear fatty deposits under the eyes.

In 2002/3 , Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner from Austria used the drug successfully to reduce fatty deposits from different body areas and has certainly revolutionized the procedure world wide .

In years to follow , a leading company in the field of medical aesthetics , Allergan, led extensive research in this  area leadi the FDA and TGA approval of their product to be used fo non surgical reduction of submental fat, commonly known as double chin


How do fat dissolving injections work

Fat dissolving injections , also known as lipodissolve injections , rely on the use of two medications, namely Phosphatidyl choline (PPC)  and Deoxycholic acid. Formulations exist where one or the two drugs are used in combination. Both of these drugs are naturally secreted by our gallbladders to assist emulsifying  the fat we consume.

When injected under the skin, these medications  trigger a series of reactions that lead to two things : lipolysis & inflammation.

lipolysis literally means loss of fat cells. Different to  what happens when we lose weight , fat cells do not just get smaller in size, they are actually destroyed leading to less number of fat cells in the targeted area. This makes it far less likely for area treated to go back to pre treatment size with mild to moderate weight fluctuations.

The inflammation triggered during the procedure is very important. Even though it causes swelling , redness and some discomfort after the treatment, its the inflammation that leads t collagen production. This insures good skin retraction and tightening when fat is reduced


Areas that can be treated

  • Sub mental fat (double chin): fat dissolving injections are very valuable for the  reduction of double chin . reducing the appearance of double chin can impact significantly on ones appearance . Different to surgical liposuction, no cuts or incisions are  needed. The medication is injected under the skin using  a very fine needle . The side effects and possible complications are also far less than surgery .

depending on what solution is used and the size of the double chin, one to multiple treatments may be needed . Results            last for years .

  • Other body areas: Even though This treatment can also be used for other body areas such as abdomen, thighs, arms and under bra area, its use in areas other than double chin have declined significantly. This is due to the emergence of more practical technologies such as coolsculpting  that is considered a more suited option .
  • Other uses : fat dissolving injections can be used to treat lumps under the skin called Lipomas, when the surgical options is not suitable or contraindicated .


Procedure, What to expect

  • Skin is marked to the injection sites
  • medication is injected into the fatty layer under the skin using a very fine needle
  • swelling and discomfort starts immediately after procedure, peeks later on the day and starts improving on 3rd day.
  • Depending on the size of double chin, the swelling may last  up to a week . Down time should be allowed accordingly
  • Results may not show till week 4 post treatment and takes up to 3 months to optimize.


Possible complications

  • swelling & discomfort: this is due to the inflammation and is essential to get good results. It can last up to a week
  • Skin dimpling: this is due to injecting the medication  superficially. It is rare and is less encountered with experienced practitioners.
  • skin numbness of injection: This relates to affecting the myelin sheath of the nerves . Patients are not usually bothered by it . It is usually transient.
  • Allergic reaction : rare


Fat Dissolving Injections  at Al Nour Clinic

  • The procedure is performed by Dr. Abu Laban who was one of the first doctors to perform the procedure in Australia in 2003. She was trained by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner who is considered The Lipodissolve pioneer of the procedure world wide. She has performed hundreds of procedures  with excellent results.
  • All patients are assessed carefully prior to recommending any treatment. Patients will be advised to the best treatment choice that will address their concerns. Following the treatment, patients are followed up closely with phone calls and clinic visits to monitor their progress and ensure optimum results are achieved.
  • Double chin is never addressed in  isolation of lower face . When viewed beneficial , Jowls are also injected with the aim of sculpting all lower face . Superior results are always our aim.

Al Nour Clinic Before and After Fat Dissolving Injections :

*All photos are courtesy of Dr. Maysa Abu Laban at Al Nour Clinic

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, and varies significantly for each individual

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