Lipodissolve Injections

To be able to dissolve unwanted body fat by simple injections was for many a far fetched concept. Not any more!

The Concept of Lipodissolve injections revolves around a medical drug called Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC). PPC is a natural substance derived from Soya beans. It is also produced naturally in the body and plays roles related to fat metabolism. PPC was medically used in the treatment of atheroma plaques in cardiac disease and for the treatment of fat embolism.

The first cosmetic use of PPC was in 1988 by an Italian physician Sergio Maggiori who reported successful use of the drug to clear fatty deposits under the skin (Xanthelasmas). In 1995 a Brazilian dermatologist Patricia Rittes achieved very good success using the same drug to clear fatty deposits under the eyes. Over the past five years Dr Franz Hasengschwandtner from Austria used the drug successfully to reduce fatty deposits from different body areas and has certainly revolutionised the doses used and the injecting technique thus optimizing results in the least number of treatments.

Lipodissolve injections are not recommended as means of weight loss or for the generally obese. It is ideal for those with localized small to moderate amounts of fat in areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and double chin that proved resistant to dieting and exercise.

What To Expect During The Procedure

The procedure takes less than an hour. The active medication is injected via very thin needles into the treatment area. PPC leads to chemical destruction and death of fat cells which is then released into the blood ready to be excreted. This reduces the number of fat cells in the area treated. Transient swelling and discomfort is expected for a few hours after the procedure. Approximately 2-5 sessions are usually needed to achieve desired results*. Final results are usually seen at  12 weeks post treatment*.

Lipodissolve injections is an ideal treatment for double chin and jowl area where one treatment is usually needed. The results are not just reducing/eliminating the double chin and jowls, but also giving better definition to the jaw line and much more youthful appearance .

Dr AbuLaban is one of the most experienced doctors in WA in the procedure and had been trained by the world pioneer in the field  DrFranz Hasengschwandtner in 2006 and has performed hundreds of successful treatments so far.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, and varies significantly for each individual

*Disclaimer: Before and after photos are not guaranteesyou will have the same or similar results. The results vary significantly for each individual.


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