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Submental fullness is excessive fat under the chin that may cause you to appear older and heavier than you are. There are many causes of sub-mental fullness, this includes; genetics, ageing and weight gain. 

At Al Nour clinic we offer 4 different non-surgical options to treat this area.






Acne scarring.

A possible consequence of severe cystic acne .Not only does it disfigure the skin, it can also negatively impact on self esteem and confidence especially among teenagers. Different pattern scars may be present (ice pick, rolling and boxer). These differ in size and depth. The treating doctor will advice to the most appropriate treatment depending on patient age, skin type and predominant type of scars

Photo Dynamic Therapy – PDT.

Skin needling.

Fractional laser resurfacing.


Dermal fillers.

Chemical peels.


A very common skin problem that affects millions of people all around the world. It  predominantly affects teenagers, but may well present at any age. It varies in severity and areas of the body affected. Doctors advice is essential to the most appropriate treatment option which usually includes the use of oral and topical medications. In certain situations, treatments such as PDT may be advised

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).
Skin care.


Roasacea is a very common skin problem characterized by some or all of the following: excessive redness, frequent blushing and flushing, increased skin sensitivity, pimple like lesions and the appearance of surface capillaries. The problem is mostly genetic but environmental triggers may certainly make it worse. Oral and topical medications are available to help control the problem temporarily. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) used correctly by doctors can treat the problem in the long term.


Skin care products.

Scarring (post surgical, traumatic)

Skin scarring can result after surgical procedures involving cutting the skin or following different forms of trauma. Scarring may appear as a dent or depression in the affected skin (atrophic scar), as lump or overgrowth of the skin (hypertrophic and keloid scars). Treatment options differ according to scar  type. The use of the wrong treatment option can result in worsening the appearance of the scar.

Fractional laser resurfacing.


Dermal fillers.


These unwelcomed lines start invading the skin as it loses elasticity and volume. Age no doubt is a factor, but other external and internal factors can significantly contribute. Sun-damage, smoking, stress and poor nutrition are only few to mention. Wrinkles can be dynamic or static. When the lines are dynamic muscle relaxing injections are the treatment of choice. When they are static a wider option is usually available and the best choice is usually that addresses the underlying cause. Fillers  for example can be used to restore volume, PDT or laser resurfacing can be used to reverse sun damage.

Dermal fillers. Muscle relaxing injections. Fractional laser resurfacing. PDT. Skin needling.

Sun damaged skin

Sun damaged skin is a very common problem in Australia. Photoaging manifests as pigment changes and discoloration of the skin, visible capillaries (telengiactasia), wrinkles, keratosis and skin cancers.

Several options are currently available to reverse sun damage. The choice depends on the severity of the problem, skin type and other factors. Your doctor will advise you to the best treatment option.

PDT. IPL. Fractional laser resurfacing. Chemical peels. Skin care. Medicated Creams.

Saggy skin

Another manifestation of aging, usually becomes noticeable with the appearance of jowls, marionette lines and deep nasio labial folds. Surgical correction is the option when the sagging is advanced and some skin need to be excised. With mild to moderate sagging many options currently exist that can lead to significant skin tightening and new collagen production.

Thermage. Thread lifting. Fractional laser resurfacing. Dermal fillers.

Non surgical face lift

This is a term that is used when procedures other than surgical face lift is used to achieve significant improvement in the appearance of an aging face. It has only become an option in the last few years given the significant and rapid advances in the field of aesthetic medicine. Non surgical face lifting can be achieved by using fillers to restore volume in mid and lower face, laser resurfacing or radiofrequency (such as thermage) to tighten the skin .

Thermage. Dermal fillers. Fractional laser resurfacing.


Certainly a common problem and not easy to address. Partially blamed on genetics and possible other influences, cellulite is a combination of fluid retention, excess fatty cells and fibrous tissues in the areas affected.  The ration of the three elements of cellulite differs between different people affected which makes it even harder to address the problem. Treatments of cellulite thus aims at improving circulation and lymphatic drainage inturn reducing fluid retention. A reduction of fat cells and excess fibrous tissue may also be required. A combined approach treatment might be required.

Thermage. Triactive laser. Mesotherapy.

Stretch marks

Strech marks are usually a result of pregnancy, rapid growth phase,weight fluctuation,and as side effect of certain medications.  They are more likely to occur on the abdomen, breast, arms and hips. When they are colored (red/purple) , they are easier to treat and can be corrected to perfection. When they are white with obvious breakage in skin surface they can be harder to treat and may require combined treatment approach.

Fractional laser resurfacing. IPL. Needling. Microdermabrasion. Mesotherapy.

Body sculpting

Recent advances in technology has made it possible to choose between the different treatment options currently available to get the body shape you desire, without necessarily resorting to surgery.

While lipodissolve injections rely on chemically destroying  fat cells, Coolsculpting creates ice crystals inside fat cells leading to cell death.

Both procedures are very effective and have very predictable outcomes.

Depending on the body area of concern and the amount of fat in the area, your treating doctor can help you decide between the two options.

 Coolsculpting. Lipodissolve injections.

Excessive body hair

Permanently reducing unwanted body hair has never been easier. Intense pulse light and lasers have been used for permanent hair reduction for about 20 years with well proven efficacy and safety.

The light energy is converted to heat within the hair treated which leads to heat destruction of the hair follicles. While the principle is very simple, the correct use of the right light and energy is necessary to achieve the desired effect and avoid complications.


Excessive sweating

Also known as hyperhydrosis , is a very distressing problem with significant negative social impacts on the suffers . Patients can sweat profusely from underarms, hands or feet. Several treatment options are available that may reduce the symptoms from simple topical treatments to surgical interventions.

Another option has become lately available and can reduce sweating from affected areas significantly. This involves injecting a muscle relaxant (also used for wrinkles) in the area affected.

Muscle Relaxing Injections.

Hyperpigmentation (dark patches, chloasma)

Hyperpigmentation or darker skin patches can be a manifestation of sun damage, hormonal factors (melasma or chloasma) or a side effect of some medication. Several options are usually available to address  the problem. Hormonal pigmentation usually is the hardest to treat and often requires a combination approach.

IPL. Fractional laser resurfacing. Chemical Peels. Skin care products.